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Year: 1972
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Submitted by: AeroFlight

Godfather (1972) (Movie)
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[as Tessio and Hagen walk to Michael's house, they are met by a bodyguard]
Tom Hagen: The boss says he'll come in a separate car. He says for you two to go on ahead.
Sal Tessio: Hell, he can't do that; that screws up all my arrangements.
Tom Hagen: Well, that's what he said.
Tom Hagen: I can't go with you either, Tessio.
[as bodyguards materialize around them, Tessio understands everything]
Sal Tessio: [to Hagen] Tell Mike it was only business, I always liked him.
Tom Hagen: He understands that.
Tom Hagen: [removing Tessio's gun] Excuse me, Sally.
Sal Tessio: Can you get me off the hook, Tom? For old times' sake?
Tom Hagen: [shakes his head] Can't do it, Sally.
[Hagen watches sadly as Tessio is led to a waiting car]
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