Bon Cop Bad Cop
Bon Cop Bad Cop

Bon Cop Bad Cop

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Year: 2006
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006) (Movie)
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Capt. Le Boeuf: Jesus Christ, David! You went in without a warrant. You put a suspect in your trunk. All that's left of him fits in a sandwich bag. Do you think that's normal?!
David Bouchard: Don't go crazy. He had a record as long as your arm, he's not exactly Brother André.
[David starts to laugh]
Martin Ward: [Martin starts to laugh] Brother André!
Capt. Le Boeuf: We have to pick him up with a spatula! Then you burn down a house with a victim inside!
David Bouchard: Don't forget my car.
Capt. Le Boeuf: Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!
Martin Ward: In fact, Chief, it was all my fault. I thought I spotted someone inside in distress. There was someone in there, but not who I thought. He was in distress... but not today. It's close enough. Huh?
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