Men in Black 2
Men in Black 2

Men in Black 2

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Year: 2002
Genre: Action / Comedy / SciFi
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Men in Black 2 (2002) (Movie)
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[as Jeff devours the commuter train from one end, the passengers crowd at the head of the train in panic. The conductor comes out]
Captain Larry Bridgewater: You people clear out of here before I start knocking heads together!
Agent Jay: You get back in that cabin, and you put the hammer down on this thing!
Captain Larry Bridgewater: I'm Captain Larry Bridgewater, and *I* decide what happens on this train.
Agent Jay: Oh, you decide? Okay, come on.
[puts an arm around Larry, steers him to the rear of the crowd, and points]
Agent Jay: Larry, this my man Jeff.
[Jeff takes another huge bite out of the back of the train]
Captain Larry Bridgewater: Larry just made a decision.
Agent Jay: Yeah, Larry need to get his ass back in that cabin.
Captain Larry Bridgewater: Yeah...
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