Bad Boys 2
Bad Boys 2

Bad Boys 2

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Year: 2003
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Bad Boys 2 (2003) (Movie)
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Det. Mike Lowrey: [pretending to be drunk] Nigga, who is it at the door?
Det. Marcus Burnett: It's Reggie!
Det. Mike Lowrey: Who the fuck is Reggie?
Det. Marcus Burnett: Came to take Megan out.
Det. Mike Lowrey: [to Reggie] What you want, nigga?
Reggie: I'm here... to take his daughter out.
Det. Mike Lowrey: Motherfucker, I heard the boy say your name Reggie? You wanna be takin' Megan out?
Reggie: Yes, sir?
Det. Mike Lowrey: How old is you?
Reggie: Fifteen.
Det. Mike Lowrey: Shit, nigga. You at least thirty.
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