Bad Boys 2
Bad Boys 2

Bad Boys 2

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Year: 2003
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Bad Boys 2 (2003) (Movie)
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Det. Marcus Burnett: [referring to the loose swimming pool ladder] Get my screwdriver! Damn bolts.
Theresa: Don't mind him. He's just upset because he was injured.
Syd: Is he ok?
Theresa: His wound is fine. It's um, *other things* that were affected.
Syd: Oh. Oh!
Det. Marcus Burnett: Theresa!
Theresa: What?
Det. Marcus Burnett: [to Syd] It's just nerve damage.
[to Theresa]
Det. Marcus Burnett: You not gonna spoil this...I'll talk to you about it.
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