Get Shorty
Get Shorty

Get Shorty

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Year: 1995
Genre: Comedy / Crime / Thriller
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Get Shorty (1995) (Movie)
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[Harry Zimm calls Ray Bones on the phone]
Harry Zimm: Ray Barboni?
Ray "Bones" Barboni: Who is this?
Harry Zimm: Are you the guy they called Ray Bones?
Ray "Bones" Barboni: It depends. Who is this?
Harry Zimm: I'm the one telling you the way it is, okay, asshole? That's who I am. Now you want your three hundred grand or don't you?
Ray "Bones" Barboni: What three hundred grand?
Harry Zimm: The three hundred grand a guy named Leo Devoe scammed off an airline. The three hundred grand Chili Palmer now has in his possession.
Harry Zimm: [after a brief pause] Hello. Are you there?
Ray "Bones" Barboni: Yeah, I'm here. I just don't like the anonymous crap. It means your either chickenshit or not for real.
Harry Zimm: Well, trust me, I'm very for real.
Ray "Bones" Barboni: Okay, so who are you?
Harry Zimm: I work for Harry Zimm, all right?
Ray "Bones" Barboni: Who?
Harry Zimm: Harry Zimm. The man happens to be a major Hollywood player.
Ray "Bones" Barboni: Never heard of him.
Harry Zimm: Maybe that's because you've never been out've fuckin' Miami, dipshit. Maybe it's time you got on a plane, flew out to L.A. and took a meeting with Mr. Zimm.
Ray "Bones" Barboni: So, what, this Zimm guy asking for some kinda finders fee, that what we're talking about here?
Harry Zimm: Hey, Zimm doesn't ask for dick. Zimm tells you the way it is... or else.
Ray "Bones" Barboni: Or else what?
Harry Zimm: Or else use your fucking imagination!
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