Apollo 13
Apollo 13

Apollo 13

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Year: 1995
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Apollo 13 (1995) (Movie)
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[after a dispute has broken out between Haise and Swigert]
Jim Lovell: All right, we're not doing this, gentlemen. We are *not* doing this. We're not going to go bouncing off the walls for ten minutes, 'cause we're just going to end up back here with the same problems! Try to figure out how to stay alive!
William 'Bill' Pogue - CAPCOM: [over communications mic] Aquarius, this is Houston.
Jim Lovell: [shouts] Are we on Vox?
Fred Haise: No, we're not on Vox.
[Lovell turns on his mic]
Jim Lovell: [calmly] Yeah, Houston, this is Aquarius.
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