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Year: 1996
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Sleepers (1996) (Movie)
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Danny Snyder: I can't do this now. You gotta know that. It's been a long time for me. I mean -ah- you need somebody younger, ya know, somebody like I used to be.
King Benny: younger is not better. Doesn't have experience, doesn't know his way around the courthouse.
Danny Snyder: Hey, I'm lucky I can find the courthouse. I had only four cases last year-you know how many I won? None, that's how many, none. In two of them, uh, I, a, I think the jury blamed me personnally.
King Benny: They must have been innocent. It is tough to get an innocent man off a rap.
Danny Snyder: I wasn't even planning on going to court with this one. I was just gonna plea it down the best I could and walk away. I wasn't, I wasn't planning on taking this to trial.
King Benny: Well your plans have been changed.
Danny Snyder: Well I'm afraid I'll make a mistake and... say the wrong thing and, ya know, uh, uh, make a wrong turn somewhere. You don't want to take that risk.
King Benny: Life is a risk.
Danny Snyder: I'm sorry?
King Benny: Life is risk.
Danny Snyder: Life is a risk.
King Benny: Um-huh.
Danny Snyder: A-huh.I haven't been in here before. What do you need me to do?
King Benny: Listen. You're going to be given the answers and the questions. All you have to do is read. You can read can't you?
Danny Snyder: It's, it's, is it in English?
King Benny: Just don't drift, don't drink, and don't lose.
Danny Snyder: What if I do lose?
King Benny: Then you'll go down for the dirt nap.
Danny Snyder: Never heard that expression before... dirt nap. I'm not cut out for this anymore. I mean a guys gets hit by a bus, ya know, and sues. I like that. Some lady slips in a supermarket, I'm with her, a guy...
King Benny: The discussion's over.
Danny Snyder: I'm an alcoholic. This is a murder case. This isn't for me.
King Benny: It was once. Before you let the drink lead. Be sober by tomorrow and don't look so worried, Snyder. You have nothing to lose, just like the rest of us.
Danny Snyder: I don't want to be a burden to you, but, I do, you know, aside, or along with my alcohol problem, I have a slight drug problem, I mean nothing big, just...
King Benny: Go away.
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