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Year: 1996
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Sleepers (1996) (Movie)
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Tommy Marcano: This is amazing!
John Reilly: Hello! It's been a long time!
Sean Nokes: Who the fuck are you guys?
[John and Tommy each pull up a chair and sit down at Nokes' table]
Sean Nokes: Hey, who the fuck asked you to sit down?
Tommy Marcano: I thought you'd be happy to see us... I guess I was wrong.
John Reilly: You know, after all that training, after all that time you put in, just guarding someone else's money... that seems Sean Nokesa waste!
Sean Nokes: I'm asking you one more time who the fuck you are!
John Reilly: Why don't you take your time it will come to you!
[Nokes stares at them, thinking]
John Reilly: I can see how you might forget. We were just something for you and your friends to play with.
Tommy Marcano: It's not that easy for us to forget... you gave us so much more to remember.
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