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Year: 1996
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Sleepers (1996) (Movie)
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Sean Nokes: [after breaking up fight] So you Hell's Kitchen's Boys get any lunch?
Young Michael Sullivan: I got to smell it.
Sean Nokes: [laughing] You got to smell it, that's good
[boys start walking back to line]
Sean Nokes: , Hey, Hey, Hey, where you going?
Young Michael Sullivan: You said to get lunch.
Sean Nokes: Oh, you boys don't need to get back in line to get lunch 'cause there's plenty to eat right where you're standing...
[looks at food on floor]
Sean Nokes: ...YOU CAN SMELL IT.
Young Michael Sullivan: [looks at food in disbelief and shock] I'm not hungry.
Sean Nokes: Well I don't give a fuck if you're hungry or not. You eat because I'm telling to eat.
Young Michael Sullivan: [looks down at food again] I'm still not hungry!
Young Michael Sullivan: [gets Hit by Nightstick] Uh, Ooh!
Sean Nokes: I'll tell you when you're hungry or not, now eat!
Sean Nokes: [looks at Shakes, Tommy, and John] Excuse me, what the fuck are you looking at? GET THE FUCK DOWN ON YOUR GODDAMN KNEES AND FINISH YOUR GODDAMN LUNCH!
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