Lost World: Jurassic Park
Lost World: Jurassic Park

Lost World: Jurassic Park

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Year: 1997
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

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[Roland is sitting in a bar in Kenya. Ajay walks in behind him, and Roland turns around]
Roland Tembo: Ajay!
Ajay Sidhu: [laughing] How did you know?
[they hug]
Roland Tembo: That cheap aftershave I send you every Christmas, you actually wear it. I'm touched. Sit down. What on earth brings you to Mombassa?
[they sit]
Ajay Sidhu: You, my friend. I got a call from a man who's going to Costa Rica, or thereabouts. And if I'm to be believed, its a most well-funded expedition.
Roland Tembo: Well, I'm a very well-funded old son of a bitch. You go.
Ajay Sidhu: What, alone? But we always had such great success together, you and I.
Roland Tembo: A little too great, don't you think?
Ajay Sidhu: What do you mean?
Roland Tembo: A true hunter doesn't mind if the animal wins. There weren't enough escapes from you and me, Ajay. We were like a firing squad, don't you think?
Ajay Sidhu: I have reason to believe you would find this expedition's quarry most challenging.
Roland Tembo: Then it's probably illegal. These days it's a worse crime to shoot a tiger than to shoot your own parents...
[sees some American tourists causing trouble with a waitress]
Roland Tembo: Tigers have advocates...
[downs his drink]
Roland Tembo: Excuse me, would you?
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