Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting

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Year: 1997
Genre: Drama
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Good Will Hunting (1997) (Movie)
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Sean Maguire: Hey, Gerry, In the 1960s there was a young man that graduated from the University of Michigan. Did some brilliant work in mathematics. Specifically bounded harmonic functions. Then he went on to Berkeley. He was assistant professor. Showed amazing potential. Then he moved to Montana, and blew the competition away.
Prof. Gerald Lambeau: Yeah, so who was he?
Sean Maguire: Ted Kaczynski.
Prof. Gerald Lambeau: Haven't heard of him.
Sean Maguire: [yelling to the bartender] Hey, Timmy!
Tim: Yo.
Sean Maguire: Who's Ted Kaczynski?
Tim: Unabomber.
[Lambeau winces as he realizes the point Sean is making]
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