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Year: 1994
Genre: Action / Comedy / Crime / Fantasy
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Mask (1994) (Movie)
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Lt. Mitch Kellaway: Ipkiss! Police! Freeze!
[the Mask freezes in mid-air]
Lt. Mitch Kellaway: Put your hands up.
The Mask: [his teeth are frozen together] But you told me to freeze!
Lt. Mitch Kellaway: All right, all right. Un-freeze.
[the Mask un-freezes and falls to the ground]
Lt. Mitch Kellaway: You're under arrest.
[pulls out his cuffs]
The Mask: No! It wasn't me! It was the One-Armed Man!
[regular voice]
The Mask: All right, I confess! I did it, ya hear? And I'm glad! GLAD, I TELL YA!
[gets down on his knees and puts his hands up together]
The Mask: What are they gonna do to me, Sarg.? WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO?
Lt. Mitch Kellaway: [puts the cuffs on The Mask's wrists] Sorry, son. That's not my department. Search him.
The Mask: [the cops bring The Mask to his feet] Ow! Where's a cam-corder when you need one?
[snorts in laughter]
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