There's Something About Mary
There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary

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Year: 1998
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

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Ted Stroehmann: I'm telling you, I did not solicit sex! I was just stopping to go the bathroom, next thing I know I tripped over something - well someone - and, POOF, there's cops and lights and...
Detective Stabler: Okay, calm down, Ted, we believe you. The problem is we found your friend in the car
[referring to the dead body found in Ted's car, unbeknown to Ted was left by the hitchhiker]
Ted Stroehmann: [Ted has no idea the hitchhiker left a bag with dead body in his car. He thinks the police is going to charge him with picking hitchhiker, as the hitchhiker told him it was a felony] Oh. The hitchhiker. That's what this is all about. Isn't that just my luck - I get caught for everything.
Detective Krevoy: So you admit it?
Ted Stroehmann: Guilty as charged. I'm not gonna play games with you. I could give you a song and dance but what's the point? I did it and we all know it. The hitcher himself told me it's illegal The irony.
Detective Krevoy: Well, uh, can you tell us his name?
Ted Stroehmann: Jeez, I didn't catch it
Detective Stabler: So he was a stranger? It was totally random?
Ted Stroehmann: He was the first hitcher I saw, what can I tell you? Now cut to the chase, how much trouble am I in?
Detective Stabler: First tell us why you did it.
Ted Stroehmann: Why I did it? I don't know. Boredom? I thought I was doing the guy a favor.
Detective Krevoy: This wasn't your first time, was it, Ted? How many we talking?
Ted Stroehmann: Hitchhikers? I don't know - fifty... a hundred maybe - Who keeps track? Hey, I know this is the Bible Belt, but where I come from this is not that big a deal.
Detective Krevoy: You son of a bitch! You're gonna fry!
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