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Truman Show

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Year: 1998
Genre: Drama / SciFi
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Truman Show (1998) (Movie)
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[Truman attempts to leave his town and a convoy of cars pulls in front of him to block his exit]
Truman Burbank: Blocked at every turn. Beautifully synchronized, don't you agree?
Meryl Burbank: You're blaming me for the traffic?
Truman Burbank: Should I?
Meryl Burbank: Truman, let's go home.
Truman Burbank: You're right. We could be stuck here for hours. It could be like this all the way to Atlantic City. Let's go back. I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me.
Meryl Burbank: Truman, can you slow down?
Truman Burbank: Yes, I can't.
Meryl Burbank: Truman. Truman, that's our turnoff.
Truman Burbank: I changed my mind. What's New Orleans like this time of year? Mardi Gras, woooooo! Ha ha ha ha ha! Hoo hoo hoo! Whoooohoo! Look, Meryl! Same road, no cars. It's magic! Hahaha!
Meryl Burbank: You let me out, Truman. You're not right in the head. You want to destroy yourself you do it on your own.
Truman Burbank: I think I'd like a little company.
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