Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

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Year: 1994
Genre: Crime / Drama
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Pulp Fiction (1994) (Movie)
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Vincent Vega: [Lance is looking for a medical book] Hurry up, Lance! We're losing her!
Lance: I'm lookin' as fast as I can!
Jody: [to Vincent] What's he looking for?
Vincent Vega: I dunno. Some book.
Jody: [to Lance] What're you looking for?
Lance: A little black medical book!
Jody: What're you looking for?
Lance: A little black fuckin' medical book! It's like a textbook they give to nurses.
Jody: I never saw no medical book.
Lance: Trust me, I have one.
Jody: Well, if it's so important, why don't you keep it with the shot?
Jody: Listen, while you're looking for it, that girl's gonna die on our carpet! You're never gonna find anything in this mess!
Lance: I'm gonna fuckin' kill you IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!
Vincent Vega: [from the other room] STOP ARGUING AND GET IN HERE!
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