General's Daughter
General's Daughter

General's Daughter

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Year: 1999
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

General's Daughter (1999) (Movie)
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Warr. Off. Paul Brenner: Here you are, sir?
[pulls out folded piece of paper]
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: What is that?
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner: The names of the perpetrators by associate agent Sunhill, found with a minimum of trouble. Apple pie, sir.
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: That's just brilliant.
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner: Each man will be looking at twenty years, sir.
Col. George Fowler: I think you'd better go now.
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner: Fine. We'll just deal with the phone call issue tomorrow, if you prefer... perhaps before your flight.
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: What phone call issue?
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner: I have excellent reason to believe that Moore phoned you at 0300 hours the night of the murder.
Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell: And why in the world would he have done that?
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner: Well, if I'm right sir, I think the whole recreation of the rape was Elisabeth's idea. God knows why she did it, perhaps because you were going into politics maybe she thought this was her last chance. But I think she got Moore to put her in exactly the same position the rapist did seven years ago. This time you weren't in Germany, and if I'm right, she would have wanted you to see firsthand what you tried to have covered up.
Col. George Fowler: THAT NEVER HAPPENED!
Warr. Off. Paul Brenner: [producing mini tape recorder] A gift from Moore's lawyer.
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