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Year: 2001
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Mexican (2001) (Movie)
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Samantha Barzel: All right. Jerry, I want you to acknowledge that my needs means nothing to you and you're a selfish prick and a liar.
Jerry Welbach: Oh, my God!
Samantha Barzel: Jerry, acknowledge.
Jerry Welbach: I... Ok. I will acknowledge that I promised to go to Vegas with you. But now we're just slightly delayed. If you want to construe my wanting to stay alive as being selfish, well, then okay. But I have every intention of going with you because your needs are very important to me, sweetheart. Come on. Look at my all my stuff here, all over the pavement. Come on, baby? Huh? What do you say? Ok?
Samantha Barzel: I'm going with or without you, Jerry. What's it gonna be? A bastard!
Jerry Welbach: A bastard. What happened to, uh, "sweetheart" and "big love" and all those things you called me in the bedroom last night?
Samantha Barzel: The only thing I'm interested in calling you, Jerry, is a cab!
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