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Year: 2001
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Mexican (2001) (Movie)
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Leroy: I know we're all a little grouchy right now. We'll get something to eat, you'll get the pistol and then we'll go our separate ways.
Samantha Barzel: Really separate ways.
Jerry Welbach: Don't start, Sam.
Samantha Barzel: Shut up. I'll start because I have the right...
Jerry Welbach: Why do you do that? Do not tell me to shut up. We had an agreement, remember?
Samantha Barzel: Shut up.
Leroy: Why don't we all shut up a bit?
Jerry Welbach: I swear to God, I will crash this fucking car right now.
Leroy: Jerry, don't do that.
Jerry Welbach: I will. One more word out of you. Another word, Sam. One more word. I swear to fucking God.
Samantha Barzel: Naugahyde.
Jerry Welbach: All right.
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