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Year: 2001
Genre: Drama / Romance
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Majestic (2001) (Movie)
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Emmett Smith: [coming downstairs] Luke, something's wrong! Harry missed the reel change.
Peter Appleton: [distracted] What?
Emmett Smith: Harry missed the reel change.
Peter Appleton: [running up to the projector's booth] Harry?
[he enters the projector's booth and see's Harry on the floor]
Peter Appleton: Harry. Jesus!
[he kneels by his side, he turns to Emmett]
Peter Appleton: Go get Doc!
Emmett Smith: [calling] Doc! Doc! Harry's in trouble! Come quick!
[Doc heads for the projector's booth]
Harry Trimble: [weak] Oh, no. No.
Peter Appleton: What, Harry? What?
Harry Trimble: I missed the damn reel change.
Peter Appleton: [quietly] It's all right. You just lay still. Doc's on his way. I'm here.
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