Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

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Year: 2001
Genre: Adventure / Drama / History / War
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Band of Brothers (2001) (TV Mini-Series)
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Denver 'Bull' Randleman: I'm gonna say something.
George Luz: To who?
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Lieutenant Winters!
Richard D. Winters: What is it?
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Permission to speak, sir.
Richard D. Winters: Granted.
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Sir, we got nine companies, sir.
Richard D. Winters: We do.
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Well, how come we're the only one marching every Friday night, twelve miles, full pack, in the pitch dark?
Richard D. Winters: Why do you think, Private Randleman?
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Lieutenant Sobel hates us, sir.
Richard D. Winters: Lieutenant Sobel does not hate Easy Company, Private Randleman. He just hates you.
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Thank you, sir.
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