Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

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Year: 2001
Genre: Adventure / Drama / History / War
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Band of Brothers (2001) (TV Mini-Series)
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Alex Penkala: [Penkala has been hit during an artillery barrage] MEDIC!
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Hang on, Penk, the doc's comin'!
Alex Penkala: DOC!
Eugene Roe: [Roe rolls into Randleman and Penkala's foxhole] Penkala!
Alex Penkala: Doc!
[Penkala is clutching his arm in agony]
Alex Penkala: Ah! It's the artery, I can feel it!
Eugene Roe: Penkala, let go!
Alex Penkala: It's the goddamn artery!
Eugene Roe: Penkala, loosen your fingers, God damn it, loosen 'em now!
Alex Penkala: I'm gonna bleed to death!
Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Relax your arm, Penk! Come on!
Eugene Roe: [Roe examines Penkala's wound] It's not the artery.
Alex Penkala: I ain't goin' back, Doc.
Eugene Roe: What?
Alex Penkala: I ain't goin' nowhere, not in this shit!
Eugene Roe: You don't wanna go out in this shit and you're yellin' "medic"?
Alex Penkala: I don't need to go back to no aid station!
Eugene Roe: Well, you're in luck, Penkala...
[a shell bursts near them]
Eugene Roe: ... we don't got no aid station!
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