Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

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Year: 2001
Genre: Adventure / Drama / History / War
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Band of Brothers (2001) (TV Mini-Series)
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Donald Malarkey: [the men are going over Heffron and Spina's run-in with the German in the foxhole] He shoulda shot Hinkel in the ass.
Warren Muck: Then he woulda shot *him* in the ass.
[the men start laughing]
Edward 'Babe' Heffron: [Domingus comes around with stale pancakes and shovels them into everyone's mess tin] Hey, God bless ya.
Donald Malarkey: Joe, these smell like my armpit!
Warren Muck: [holding up one of the pancakes] At least your armpit's warm.
Joe Domingus: You want syrup with that?
Donald Malarkey: Joe, be honest, what's in these things anyway, huh?
Joe Domingus: Nothing you won't eat, Malarkey.
[he walks away]
Ralph Spina: I won't eat Malarkey.
[they all start laughing again]
John T. Julian: Hey, hey, maybe Hinkel would like your share, huh?
Edward 'Babe' Heffron: I shoulda shot him when I had the chance.
Warren Muck: What, running backwards, Babe?
Thomas Peacock: [Lt. Peacock walks up] Anybody seen Lieutenant Dike?
Donald Malarkey: Uh, try battalion CP, sir.
[Peacock walks away, and the men start giggling once he is out of earshot]
Warren Muck: Try Paris.
Donald Malarkey: Try Hinkel.
[they all crack up again]
Ralph Spina: [Spina puts on a bad German accent and makes to hug Heffron] Hinkel, sveetie, I'm home!
Edward 'Babe' Heffron: [Heffron turns to Doc Roe, who is sitting nearby] Hey Eugene, Lieutenant Dike's got a full aid kit, try him.
Donald Malarkey: Yeah, I'm sure he's not usin' his.
[the men laugh again]
John T. Julian: Maybe Hinkel's got a syrette for ya.
Warren Muck: Eat your strudel.
Donald Malarkey: [in his own bad German accent] Hey, Hinkel-Vinkel, eat ze armpit, huh?
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