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Year: 2004
Genre: Drama / Romance / Comedy
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Terminal (2004) (Movie)
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Enrique Cruz: So, she had a boyfriend, for how long?
[nods yes, holds up two fingers]
Enrique Cruz: Two years, what happened?
Viktor Navorski: He chit.
Enrique Cruz: What?
Viktor Navorski: He chit.
Enrique Cruz: Eat shit?
Viktor Navorski: He chit, he chit, he chit.
Enrique Cruz: Okay, try to repeat exactly what she said.
Viktor Navorski: He chit, she catch him so...
Enrique Cruz: Oh! He cheats!
Viktor Navorski: Yes, yes, yes! What we call Krushkach. We say Krushkach. One man, two womans. So, hmm, crowded. You know? Ha!
Enrique Cruz: Okay, he *cheats*! You say cheats.
Viktor Navorski: Hm-hum. He chit.
Enrique Cruz: No, no. *Cheat*.
Viktor Navorski: Enrique, you, no chit.
Enrique Cruz: No cheat.
Viktor Navorski: No chit.
Enrique Cruz: Yeah, yeah, I won't. I won't. I won't cheat. Not chit.
Viktor Navorski: She's a nice... nice girl, she won't take your chitting.
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