Shark Tale
Shark Tale

Shark Tale

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Year: 2004
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Shark Tale (2004) (Movie)
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[Lenny accidentally eats Oscar]
Oscar: Don't... swallow!
Lenny: Oscar?
Oscar: No, it's Pinocchio - of course it's me! Why did you do that?
Lenny: Oh, I'm sorry...
Oscar: No, "sorry" is when you step on somebody's fin at the theatre! Yeah, that's "sorry"! "Sorry" is when you ask somebody "Hey, when's the baby due?" and it turns out the person's just fat! No, this is as far away from "sorry" as you can possibly get!
Lenny: Oscar, I think I'm gonna puke...
Oscar: Oh, no no no no... Lenny, just open up, nice and slow!
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