National Treasure
National Treasure

National Treasure

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Year: 2004
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

National Treasure (2004) (Movie)
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Abigail Chase: [Ben Gates is trying to figure out how to get the Silence Dogood letters without letting his dad know he stole the Declaration of Independence] You have the original Silence Dogood letters? Steal those too?
Ben Gates: They're scans of the orginals, quiet please.
Abigail Chase: Where did you get the scans?
Ben Gates: I know the person who has the originals, now shush.
Abigail Chase: Why do you need them?
Ben Gates: She really can't shut her mouth, can she?
[Offering her the Declaration]
Ben Gates: Look, I will let you hold this if you promise to *shut up*, please!
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