Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

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Year: 2004
Genre: Action / Drama / Thriller
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) (Movie)
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[the Bride sees B.B. for the first time]
B.B.: Freeze, Mommy!
Bill: Bang bang!
[pretends to be shot]
Bill: Oh! She got us, B.B. I'm dying.
B.B.: Oh, I'm dying, I'm dying...
Bill: Fall down, sweetheart. Mommy shot you.
[both fall down and pretend to die]
Bill: [in a narrative tone] But little did Quick-Draw Kiddo know that little B.B. was only playing possum, due to the fact that she was impervious to bullets.
B.B.: [sits up] I am pervious to bullets, Mommy.
Bill: Hey, get back down there. You're playing possum.
[in a narrative tone]
Bill: So, as the smirking killer approached what she thought was a bullet-ridden corpse, that's when little B.B. fired!
[B.B. gets up and pretends to shoot the Bride]
B.B.: Bang bang!
Bill: You're dead, Mommy... so die.
[the Bride is still shocked]
Bill: B.B.
[comes out of it and acts out a huge death scene]
The Bride: Oh, B.B., you got me. I should have known... you are the best.
[collapses to the ground and pretends to die]
B.B.: Oh, Mommy, don't die. I was just playing.
The Bride: I know.
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