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Year: 2004
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Alexander (2004) (Movie)
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Cleitus: How can you, so young, compare yourself to Heracles?
Alexander: Why not? I've achieved more in my years. Traveled as far. Probably farther.
Cleitus: Heracles did it by himself! Did you conquer Asia by yourself, Alexander? I mean, who planned the Asian invasion when you were still being spanked on your bottom by my sister? Was it not your father? Or is his blood no longer good enough?
Alexander: You insult me, Cleitus. You mock my family, be careful.
Cleitus: Never would your father take barbarians as friends or ask us to fight with them as equals in war. Are we not good enough any longer? I remember a time when we could talk as men, strait to the eye, none of this scraping and groveling. I remember a time when we hunted, when we wrestled on the gymnasium floor. And now you kiss them? Take a barbarian, childless wife, and dare call her Queen?
Alexander: [deeply insulted] Go quickly, Cleitus, before you ruin your life.
Cleitus: Doesn't your great pride fear the gods any longer? This army's your blood, boy! Without it you're nothing!
Alexander: You no longer serve the purpose of this march! Get him from my sight!
Cleitus: What was I serving but to save your puppy life at Gaugamela? What if I left you to die in the dust?
Hephaistion: [holding Alexander back] Alexander... Alexander!
Alexander: Arrest him for treason! Who's with him? I call father Zeus to witness! I call you to trial before him! And we'll see how deep this conspiracy cuts!
Hephaistion: In the name of the gods, get him out of here!
Cleitus: Now look at you! Great Alexander! Hiding behind his guards! Are you too great to remember whose life was saved by me? I am more man than you'll ever be!
[Cleitus is dragged out of the room]
Hephaistion: He's gone. He's gone, Alexander, gone! Alexander!
[Cleitus fights his way back into the room]
Cleitus: What a tyrant you are! Evil tyrant you've become, Alexander. You speak about plots against you? What about poor Parmenion? He served you well! Look how you repaid him! Have you no shame?
Alexander: You ungrateful wretch! No one, not my finest enemy has spoken like you to me!
Hephaistion: Please, Alexander...
[Alexander stabs Cleitus]
Hephaistion: NO!
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