Wedding Crashers
Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers

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Year: 2005
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Wedding Crashers (2005) (Movie)
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[the men are hunting quails in the forest; Secretary Cleary blows his quail whistle]
Sack Lodge: There's something not right about these guys.
Flip: What do you mean?
Sack Lodge: I mean, it's time to send them home.
Flip: Sack, don't do anything crazy.
Sack Lodge: Just relax. I'm just gonna scare them a little bit.
Flip: All right.
[Sack cocks his rifle and aims it at Jeremy]
Sack Lodge: [Yells] TO THE RIGHT!
[Everyone aims and shoots; John and Jeremy screams; John falls to the ground, then Sack shoots Jeremy]
Jeremy Grey: [Screaming] Aaaahhh! They got me!
Sack Lodge: [Laughs] Oh, shit!
Jeremy Grey: THEY GOT ME!
John Beckwith: Oh, shit.
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