Weather Man
Weather Man

Weather Man

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Year: 2005
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Weather Man (2005) (Movie)
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Shelly: These fucking crutches are too long.
Dave Spritz: What did you say?
Noreen: Shelly!
[turns to Dave]
Noreen: Well, what were you doing?
Dave Spritz: It was a picnic.
Noreen: [referring to Shelly] And she tore something?
Dave Spritz: ACL. MCL.
Noreen: Which?
Dave Spritz: [after a slight pause] Both.
Noreen: Dave!
Dave Spritz: Well, we didn't go bungee jumping! It was a fucking potato-sack race!
Noreen: That's where she got it.
Dave Spritz: What?
Noreen: "Fucking" this. "Fucking" that.
Dave Spritz: No, I never said that around her.
Noreen: You don't know you have, Dave, because you don't pay attention!
Dave Spritz: Fuck that.
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