Brothers Grimm
Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm

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Year: 2005
Submitted by: TheRudyStyle

Brothers Grimm (2005) (Movie)
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Will Grimm: Ignore him. He wishes his whole life was something out of a book. And now he thinks he's in love.
Jacob Grimm: Shut up, Will!
Will Grimm: Angelika, do what your father wanted: leave the village now.
Angelika: No, Will. I'm gonna find my sisters.
Jacob Grimm: Will doesn't care about them. Will doesn't care about anything but himself!
Will Grimm: This isn't a fairy tale. They are not coming back!
Jacob Grimm: This is not your world, Will!
[to Angelika]
Jacob Grimm: Angelika, you know, don't you? The story, it's happening to us now. We're living it. It's-it's alive, it's real, it's breathing. And we can give it a happy ending.
Angelika: Jake...
Jacob Grimm: Angelika, we'll find your sisters. All right? We'll bring them back.
Will Grimm: [getting angry] Bring back her sisters?
[kicks Jacob]
Will Grimm: Bring them back? Bring them back with what? Magic beans?
Jacob Grimm: Why do you say that?
Will Grimm: Magic beans don't work! They don't bring people back to life! They did not then and they will not now! You go wait by the horses! Jacob, wait by the horses!
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