Death Race
Death Race

Death Race

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Year: 2008
Submitted by: Skramk

Death Race (2008) (Movie)
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Jensen Ames: [threatening to eject Case from the Monster] Did you kill the old Frank?
Case: I sabotaged his rear weapons.
Jensen Ames: Why?
Case: Hennessey. She said she'd sign my release papers. It's my life back.
Jensen Ames: You killed him too.
Case: I didn't kill him. He wouldn't quit! I just wanted to make sure he wouldn't win.
Jensen Ames: Why would Hennessey want that?
Case: To keep Frank here, racing.
Jensen Ames: And yesterday?
Case: I was trying to set you back.
Jensen Ames: So, I'm not supposed to win either. Just make it exciting.
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