The Movie Quotes Tools - Javascript Widget

With Javascript widget you can put memorable movie quotes on any website you want!

How to use Javascript widget?

First configure it using the form below, and then just copy and paste the generated code to your website.

Can i customize the look?

Yes! We've included CSS classes for each div/p tag so you can change the text size, font, color, background...

Look below for detailed instruction on class names.

Customizing widget

Put the available classes to your CSS file.

  • tmqMainDiv - Main class that holds everything else
  • tmqItemDiv - Item div class in which you can find movie title and quote lines
  • tmqH4Title - Movie title class
  • tmqTitleLink - Movie title link class
  • tmqQuote - Quote lines container class
  • tmqQuoteLine - Class for each single quote line

Display setup

number (display selected number of quotes)
lines (display quotes with selected number of lines) quotes


add this code to your HTML where you want to display the quotes


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