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Wordpress Widget will take the latest, random or top rated quotes from this website, and display them on your blog. As simple as that.

Widget uses in-built MagPie and HTTP Snoopy Client.
For less stress on the system, widget does not use database, but it caches data to a file.

Download The Movie Quotes Widget
Latest Version: 1.4

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Wordpress version is required?

The Movie Quotes widget requires Wordpress version 2.5 or above.

I've found a bug!

Good stuff! Help us fix it by informing us over email what the bug is all about. Do not forget to explain in as much details as possible how and when the bug occurs. You can use our standard Report Bug form.

I do not use Wordpress for my blog, can i still use this widget?

No. You really do need Wordpress blogging system, but if you use some other blogging system that is popular you can contact us, and we just might create a widget/plugin for the blogging system you use.

Does this widget change my database?


Can i change cache folder?

You sure can! Open themoviequotes.php file and change "$tmq_cache_path" variable to point to your own folder. Do not forget to change the permission of the folder to 777.

What does "tmq_cache file was not created! Check folder permissions!" error mean?

It simply means that you did not create a cache folder or folder permissions are wrong or not set.


1. Download the latest version from official Wordpress Plugin Directory
2. Upload folder the-movie-quotes directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
3. Create /wp-content/cache folder if it doesn't exist and chmod it to 777
4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
5. Go to Design -> Widgets to add and configure the widget

Configuration interface of the widget
Configuration interface of the widget
Quotes shown on the front page
Quotes shown on the front page

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